Can my pet also turn yellow?

We are also happy to draw your pet. Please note that an animal is count as a person.

How long does the drawing take?

Usually a drawing takes 7-9 business days. Express drawing within 2-3 days is also possible. When you buy a gift card, it will be delivered immediately.  >Gift cards here<

How can I order a print? After I ordered digitally.

If you have only ordered the digital image, it is possible to order a print. Visit this  >Website<

How will my picture be sent to me?

Your image will be sent to you digitally, so we will send you an email as soon as we are ready. If you have ordered a print, you will of course receive a tracking number as soon as your image has been printed.

Do the people I want to have drawn all have to be in one photo?

No. You can also send us different photos of the people. Our designers will then put them together on your desired image. If 7 photos are not enough to upload, you can also send us more photos by email. support@ichbingelb.com

What if I am not satisfied with my picture?

Our artists are incredibly talented and do an outstanding job. Nevertheless, it can happen that you don't like something. To avoid misunderstandings, we ask you to send us good photos. However, we are happy to offer you free revisions.

Can I also have objects drawn? Favorite items, personal items or something else.

Yes, of course! Be it a car, a piece of furniture, a beautiful souvenir from vacation or the houseplant. There are no limits. The only requirement is that you have selected "Custom".

What should be the quality of the photo I send you?

Don't worry, we'll write to you if we have any problems with the photo. A better picture makes it easier for our artists to create an accurate portrait.

Can I buy a gift card to give away?

Yes of course! You have the possibility >hier<  to buy a gift card.